The Front Range Marquetry Workshop ("the Workshop") offers an opportunity for new and experienced marquetarians to work on projects and learn from each other.

  • Are you interested in learning more about marquetry? ...trying it yourself? The Workshop has marquetry saws and supplies for use by anyone interested in trying marquetry. Workshop leaders and others are available to provide informal guidance. If you contact us to let us know you're coming, we will make sure we bring everything to get you started.
  • Are you an experienced marquetarian? The Workshop is a great opportunity to ask questions, get help solving problems with a project, share knowledge and experience, and network with other marquetarians.
  • Are you interested in learning about a particular technique? Guild members occasionally do demonstrations or provide instruction on basic marquetry topics at the Workshop.

The Workshop meets twice a month from 8:30 AM to noon on Saturday (for a schedule with the location of Workshop meetings, click here).

There is no cost for attending the Workshop. Marquetry saws, veneers, patterns, and other supplies are available free of charge for attendees to use during the Workshop. Coffee and donuts are available for a small donation to cover the cost.

For more information, contact us.