Other marquetry organizations:
In 2019, members shared information about the books and resources that they have found most useful. A list of the books highlighted during that meeting can be found here.
Veneer sources:
There are several good sources of veneers used by our members.  These include:
DomEx Hardwoods (great supply of holly veneer and hardwood)
The marquetry saw:
Our members have used two different versions of a hand powered scroll saw. The most recent, pictured here, was designed in 2019-20 and is now being used by several members. It can be purchased by Guild members for $125. The saw comes with a 16″ throat, which is adequate for most marquetry. A 24″ throat can be purchased for an additional $45. The two arms are laminated for strength and stiffness, and they are calibrated so that the blade tension is about 5 pounds. A manual is available for those who wish to build their own saw.
The older saw version, developed by John Eifler, remains in use throughout the guild, but will not be provided for sale by the Guild any longer. Detailed instructions for making John Eifler’s hand-operated scroll saw are available here for personal use (in three parts, due to the size of the documents):
Tools and materials:
We recently compiled a list of all tools and supplies used by our members. That information has been organized into a basic tool set and materials, and also a list of al additional tools from our combined knowledge. Links to sources of tools and materials are also provided. Click here to see the list.